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Titusville, Florida

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Four years relative experience or a 4 year college degree and 2 years experience in Developmental Disabilities.  Supervisory experience preferred.  For purposes of effective communication with residents, families and staff must be able to see, hear, speak, read and write English.  Maintain the ability to stretch, push, pull, kneel, reach, twist, walk and stand for up to sixteen (16)  hours, up to three (3) times per week and  to perform the physical requirements of Safety Care.  Must demonstrate the ability to lift unassisted at least fifty (50) lbs.

1.     Supervise the entire facility ensuring a smooth flow of activities on a routine basis by monitoring staffing, call-outs, emergencies and staff problems.

2.     Ensure daily assignments are provided for all staff  to ensure daily implementation of resident’s schedule and housekeeping.

3.     Work with DSP-Lead staff in providing supervision, evaluation of safe care practices and support to staff in each house on an ongoing basis.

4.     Complete rounds in each house with the oncoming DSPS at change of shift and ensure all pertinent information has been communicated.  Ensure debriefing is completed with each house DSP-Lead at the beginning of the shift.

5.     Coordinate with the nursing staff to ensure health and safety needs are met for the assigned shift.

6.     Physically and verbally interact with residents and Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) in settings including training and assistance with direct care functions.

7.     Visually supervise residents and DSP’s in direct care settings to ensure ongoing quality care of residents by staff.

8.     Ensures residents’ rights and promotes optimal quality of life standards.  Reports any incident of abuse in accordance with facility procedure and the Disabled Persons Abuse Negligence Act.  Adheres to policies related to boundaries with individuals. Attends required abuse risk management training. Reports suspicious and inappropriate behaviors.  Adheres to procedures related to managing high-risk activities and supervising individuals.

9.     Routinely observe activity, schedule adherence, staff/client interactions and safety.  Provide quality feedback to staff.

10.  Conduct initial contacts and information gathering as part of the investigation process for all client and staff incidents or any variance at the facility.

11.  Demonstrates proper use of Safety Care procedures and all competencies that are designed to manage aggression, self injury and/or property destruction.

12.  Supervised assigned staff and complete performance evaluations as well as ongoing performance ensure competency for safe practices and report findings to the Coordinator of Support Services.

13.  Implements electronic and paper documentation of training needs including programming, incident reporting (GERs), data collection and behavior observations.

14.  Supervise transportation schedules, vehicle use and proper documentation.

15.  Plan, generate and maintain weekly staffing schedules.  Keep schedule up to date on a daily basis.

16.  Periodically conduct observations and participate in clients’ day program to ensure proper day services are provided.

17.  Demonstrates understanding of, and complies with, all policies related to safety.  Performs work safely and without injury to self or others. Identifies hazards or dangerous behaviors in the environment and takes immediate action to avoid, mitigate or eliminate, and report hazardous conditions or unsafe behaviors.  Ensures the safety of self, residents/consumers, co-workers, families, guardians and visitors at all times.

18.  Ensures all direct reports understand all policies related to safety and their role in ensuring safety for themselves, for residents/consumers, for co-workers and for families, guardians and visitors.  Provides training on job-specific safe work procedures.  Confirms that employees know and comply with reporting procedures.  Recognizes, reinforces and rewards employees in tangible ways for safe work performance and behaviors, i.e., public or private verbal recognition, informal written notes, formal commendations, and available incentives.

19.  Punctuality and regular attendance at the work-site, including required extra hours,  are essential functions of the job in order to ensure safe and appropriate levels of care for our residents at all times.  Adheres to attendance policy.  Reports to work on time as scheduled.  Completes required training on time and regularly attends staff meetings.

20.  Project a professional appearance and a willing, positive and courteous expression in performing tasks.  Cooperates with fellow workers, supervisors, residents, visitors, in performing tasks.

21.  Ensure compliance with all federal and state rules and regulations.  Complete other duties as assigned by supervisor.

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Titusville, Florida

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At least 2 year(s)

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Washington Square

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Washington Square

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